What is a Workshare?

A workshare is someone who works 8 hours a week from May through October in exchange for a share of the farm’s produce. Workshares differ from one-time volunteers and CSA members who perform a work commitment in that they develop some skill and speed over the course of a season, which gives them an important role to play in meeting the farm’s labor needs.

Many people choose to split a workshare with a friend, in which case each person only works 4 hours per week then the two split the share together.

Because workshares are so important to meeting the goals of the farm, participants must sign an agreement that they will be available across the season to fulfill their obligation, and that participants will make an effort to find a replacement for weeks when they cannot make it. The consequence of breaking the workshare agreement (missing a scheduled work day twice without calling in) is that your workshare will be given to someone else.

Workshares who are excited or interested in learning more about farming are encouraged to start their workshare earlier in the spring to learn about greenhouse work, direct seeding and transplanting.

There are also three distribution coordinator positions [these positions are currently filled], the job of which is to staff the farm distribution tables during pickup, answer questions and cleanup when the pickup is over. The positions are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, from 2 pm to 7 pm.

Another workshare is the driving workshare. This position helps harvest pick-your-own crops for boxshares, helps pack boxes, then drives the shares to locations on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A necessary prerequisite for this position is ownership of a hatchback or other vehicle large enough to carry the pre-boxed shares. 11-4 pm, Tuesday and Thursday.

Greenhouse workshares are people who work 8 hours a week in the greenhouse starting in late March and ending in August. Though work ends in August, the share is full season for the greenhouse workshare.

A workshare is also being offered for someone to help coordinate and drive vegetables to charity, usually on the days after a CSA pickup [these positions have been filled]. For more information about any of these workshares, contact the farm by email at: farmer (at) heirloomharvestcsa.com.