Why Local and Organic?

Local food production eliminates the environmental damage that is caused by the long-distance transportation that underlies our modern agricultural system. For consumers, the choice to spend money on locally produced foods creates an economic incentive to farmers and landowners to keep land in agricultural production, and thereby preserve open space. Researchers have found that fresh produce is more nutritious than that which has been harvested weeks or months prior to eating.

Organic farms forgo the use of synthetic, man-made substances to control pests, to combat weeds or to pump up the size and earliness of their crops. Organic farmers use sustainable, environmentally friendly techniques and management practices to produce food. Every day it seems like there is new research showing the advantages of eating organic vegetables, both in terms of consumer’s health and in terms of the effects of organic farming practices on the environment. It would be difficult to capture all of the information that is available right now on the subject in this limited space, so links are provided for additional information.

Heirloom Harvest does not use genetically modified seed.

Heirloom Harvest is a certified organic farm.