Help Wanted

Heirloom Harvest is a nondiscriminatory, equal opportunity employer. To respond to any of the following listed positions please contact the farmer at

Job Title: Agricultural Workshares

Job Description: A workshare is someone who works 8 hours a week from May through October in exchange for a share of the farm’s produce.
Because workshares are so important to meeting the goals of the farm, participants must affirm that they will be available across the season to fulfill their obligation, and that participants will make an effort to find a replacement for weeks when they cannot make it.
An agricultural workshare, specifically, is someone who helps with harvest, transplanting , weeding and any other activities in the farm fields. Agricultural workshare may either work an 8 hour shift, two four hour shifts, or split a shift with someone else.
Hours: May (start date varies) through end of October.
Days and time are negotiable. Contact the farmer.
Salary: All workshares receive one share in exchange for their work position

Sunday Driving Workshare

Job Description: Pack and drive shares once a week to Somerville dropoff location. May include some pick-your-own picking.
Hours: Late May or early June through October. Hours start between 1 and 2 pm, then drive time to Somerville and back, or from Somerville to the farm and back.
Salary: All workshares receive one share in exchange for their work position

Job Title: Paid Internships

Job Description: Heirloom Harvest offers agricultural internships. Must work on the farm at least 25 hours per week. Potential for academic credit with academic advisor approval. Please contact the farmer to discuss what you would like to learn during your internship. Heirloom Harvest will seek to accommodate, if possible.
Hours: Interns must work at least 25 hours a week for 8 weeks.
Salary: Interns receive $100 per week stipend, plus one share in the CSA for duration of internship.

Job Title: Part-time and Full-time Farmhand Positions, Apprenticeships with Housing

For part-time and full-time farmhand positions, and apprenticeship-with-housing positions, please send a letter of interest query to farmer (at) and I will send you job descriptions and an application.