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Household looking for split-share partner. Contact farmer@heirloomharvestcsa.com for info.

Hiring: Workshare positions still available. Work 1 all day shift, or 2 half-day shifts. Split your workshare with a friend. Work starts at 8 am. Contact farmer@heirloomharvestcsa.com.

Heirloom Harvest now has its own Facebook page. Check it out.

Welcome to Heirloom Harvest

Sign up for 2016 shares NOW OPEN (including installment payment option and no work commitment option). Online signup includes a $20 processing fee.

Sign up using the downloadable paper form without the processing fee.

Welcome to Heirloom Harvest, a certified organic community supported agriculture farm located in Westborough, MA. The farm is comprised of 17 acres total, with 8 acres in production in any season. The soil is of the Merrimac, Agawam and Sudbury types over an ancient lakebed, so the subsoil is sandy and there are few stones. The farmsite is surrounded on 3 sides by fields that are managed for the benefit of uncommon field bird species such as bobolinks and meadowlarks. Wildlife is abundant.

The CSA has over 200 members. Heirloom Harvest is a community farm, in that it commits to integrate volunteers (who do not need to be members) into the work of farming, and donates a portion of the harvest to charity (See Volunteers, Visitors and Safety section). In 2014, Heirloom Harvest received a Harvester Award from the Worcester County Food Bank for donating almost 50,000 lbs. of food to charity in its first 10 years of existence. Community farms value creating community and service to it, farmland stewardship, growing food in an environmentally safe manner using management techniques that enhance the surrounding ecosystem, and education.

Members of the farm are called shareholders, and usually receive from 8 to 15 different kinds of vegetables per week (with multiples of some items) throughout the 22-week season, everything from kohlrabi and greens to watermelons and pumpkins. A CSA share is designed to provide generously for a household of two adults and two children although this varies with family eating habits. Many CSA members find themselves eating greater quantities of healthy vegetables—with less fuss from the children—because of the freshness and flavor of the produce compared to that available in local markets. (See What is a Share? section).

Eat healthy with fresh vegetables grown by organic practices and principles. Eat local to preserve the environment and support sustainable farmland stewardship in your region. Teach children where their food comes.

Pick up vegetables weekly at the Westborough farm, pre-boxed at our new dropooff location in North Attleborough, Alternative Market at 33 North Washington Street, or join (or start) an urban pickup cooperative (See Getting your Produce, Box Delivery to North Attleborough and What is an Urban Pickup Co-operative? sections).

Please download the enrollment form for additional information. If you have more questions, contact the farm by email at: farmer (at) heirloomharvestcsa.com; call 508.963.7792; or fill out our contact form.

Here are some of the reasons people have cited in the past for joining the CSA:

• Desire for highest quality produce
• Desire for fresh, same-day-harvested produce
• Desire for locally grown produce
• Concern about how chemical/pesticides/herbicides/fertilizers affect your health
• Concern about how chemical pesticides/herbicides/fertilizers affect your children's health
• Desire for certified organic produce for yourself
• Desire for certified organic produce for your children
• Concern about E. coli, disease and contaminated produce from large industrial farms
• Interest in eating more vegetables / widening my selection of vegetables
• Interest in expanding what my children eat, and their choices of vegetables
• To support the charitable work of Heirloom Harvest (food donation, community service and educational outreach)
• Desire to support the continued existence of a local farm
• Concern for the environment
• Interest in developing community
• Desire to educate myself and/or my family about sustainable agriculture, food production, etc.



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